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I Heart Natural Remedies teamed up with Fearlessly Loving Your Yoni and presented the event Yoni Party in Vidalia, GA. It was definitely an event to remember.

Yoni events take place mainly in bigger cities so to have something like this in a smaller community was exciting for the area.

Surprisingly, many ladies stepped outside of their comfort zone and attended. Many also said no…….I wouldn’t be caught at something like that. This could be due to misunderstanding what this type of event is about.

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You may be wondering what a yoni is. If you do not know, a yoni is another term for vagina and the womb of a woman. With so many different issues that woman are experiencing today, there are women who are pushing to educate women nationwide to care for themselves in a more holistic way (chemical/toxins free) so that they can take preventative measures.

Fearlessly Loving Your Yoni (also known as F.L.Y.Y.) is passionate about teaching women how to take preventative measures by being mindful of the products you are using for personal hygiene. She also discusses natural alternatives that one could try if they choose to care for themselves in a more natural way.


She brought many items that were available for purchase and educated the participants about them. Her selection of products consisted of yoni eggs, yoni steam herbs, yoni detox pearls, yoni wash, natural pads, body scrubs, care packages and so much more.

I Heart Natural Remedies also shared ways to care for yourself holistically. I Heart Natural Remedies shared natural product options for hygiene, beauty, natural detoxes, benefits of herbal teas and so much more.

IMG_20170730_195324[1]Mendy Overly (a doTerra advocate) was also present to share her knowledge on essential oils and holistic jewelry. She shared how you can incorporate beneficial oils into your everyday lifestyle.

She diffused oils for it’s aromatherapy benefits. The participants became more relaxed by the minute. I believe we can chop that up to her oils, and the upbeat and welcoming personalities of F.L.Y.Y., Mendy and I Heart Natural Remedies. The vibe was right!


Yoga, sensual dancing, educating, laughing, bonding, networking and so much more took place.

We must always remember that our health is our responsibility so we must take control of it.

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We learned that many were hesitant about trying natural ways for caring for themselves because they have never done it before. The unknown and change can be uncomfortable for many. I Heart Natural Remedies educated on herbs and the different benefits of incorporating them into your life.

For some, you may look at an herb and say ok, cool, I would love to try it. For others it is a leaf, flower, spice etc. and they do not see how that could benefit them as they believe medications can. They are hesitant and sometimes doubtful about the medicinal properties within herbs.

The more you take initiative to better your health, the easier it will become and you will began to help other women in your life on a journey to better health. We have learned that sometimes trying to achieve something alone can be very difficult therefor you procrastinate. If you have a partner, you can encourage each other and you will be least likely to procrastinate.

Download a free list of harmful chemicals in products here

We are living in a time where toxins are in everything from the food you consume, the air you breathe, the products you use on your hair, the make up you apply to your face, the detergents you wash your clothes in, the cleaning products you use, medications and this goes on and on. How can we prevent disease knowing this? We take preventative measures and educate ourselves. Education is everything!


If there is a yoni event in your area, it is definitely worth your time as a woman to attend.

Fearlessly Loving Your Yoni will be in Savannah, GA August 5, 2017 at the Spa Maven Yoni Party from 10am-12pm and 4pm-6pm.

The event is FREE!

Have you ever attended a yoni party? What was your experience?

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